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FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: My Non-Binary Does Not Owe You Androgyny

Join us:  Join the chat

Open Mic Night

Bring your poetry, songs, art, and all the other incredible things you’d like to share to the group! Feel free to join just to see/support the folks sharing too!



Let's chat about trans athletes, navigating transphobic bills trying to ban trans people from sports and finding joy in moving our bodies. 

Monthly New Youth Gathering

Are you new to Q Chat Space? Join our new monthly gathering for new youth to learn more about Q Chat Space, our facilitators, and the youth!

Not new? Don't worry! You can still join us and welcome the newbies.


Cual fue to primer systema de videojuegos? Tu juego favorito? Ven a participar en una discusion sobre videojuegos!


This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.

Coming out or welcoming others into your world? Let chat about some tips to keep you safe and minimize awkwardness. 


FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Heartstopper! And other tv that we love <3

We love heartstopper! Let's chat about our favorite characters, thoughts on trans representation in the show and then share about other series that we're loving right now. We definitely recommend watching Heartstopper on Netflix before joining this chat, if you have access. Everyone is welcome!

Sex and Relationships Q&A

Celebrating Non-Binary Identities

Join the conversation about exploring different non-binary identities, expressions, and existence.

Salud Mental

muchos de la comunidad LGBTQ padecen de problemas de salud mental. Acompañanos a hablar sobre la salud mental y metodos que otros usan para desminuir los efectos negativos y donde recibir apoyo. 

FOR ACE/ARO YOUTH: Microlabels: Building Community or Borders

Do you use microlabels?

Are microlabels helpful in understanding yourself? In others?

How do we build community within and across our Aspec labels.

Heartstopper discussion and watch party!!

A discussion for those new to the series or fans of the series, and possibly a watch party of the first episode!  

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Gender Affirmation Surgeries

After the HRT conversation in June, folks wanted to talk more about gender affirmation or gender confirmation surgeries. Please note there are no medical professionals on this chat and we cannot give medical advice. This is a space for young people to talk about what they know, where you find resources and what you may or may not be interested in for your transition. 

Destress and decompress

With everything going on in our current world, we wanted to provide a space where you can come and de-stress, learn some excercises on how to manage being overwhelmed, and be distracted with friends and community.  

Coming Out

Dealing with the process of coming out to friends and family. Let's learn together!

Saliendo del closet

Acompañanos para compartir nustras historias de como salimos del closet, las reacciones de nuestros familiares y amigos, yconsejos para los que todavia no lo an hecho. 

FOR YOUTH OF COLOR: Familiars - What creatures guide you?

This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.

Familiars (or imps) usually are small household pets that serve as a witch's companion. According to legend, familiars are sort of like guides, who take the form of an animal on Earth. They are loyal guardians and protectors to witches, who are sent to assist them with magic.

We will take a quiz to find our familiar and assign duties to it.

Choosing My Name

Names carry a massive amount of weight: they are what we call ourselves, and how others identify us. Names can have history, bring us joy, and trigger sadness. They are one of the strongest markers we have for our own identities. In this activity, we will further our understanding of how language can impact identity through the naming process by reading and analyzing the poem, “Choosing My Name” by Hawaiian poet and activist, Puanani Burgess.

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Practicing Short-Form Comics!

Art Share: Let's see your art!


Biological, adopted, extended, chosen. No matter the family type, let’s talk about it!

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Trans and Non-Binary Music Night

Who are your favorite trans and non-binary muscians or bands? Let's chat about them! 

Friends forever!

This chat celebrates world friendship day! Join us to make new friends and celebrate the ones we already have


This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.

Who all gon' be there?

YOU and some friends! Whether you are parked at the grill, on your 3rd plate, getting trampled in the bouncy house, or arriving fashionable late- you don't want to miss this Queer Trans Cookout. 

Bring your fit, your playlist, and your thirst because we want ALL the tea.

If there is not a group currently available and you need immediate help, please go to The Trevor Project.

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