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There are no chats on Monday January 17, 2022. 


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How to manage school stress and anxiety

CANCELLED. The chat is cancelled and being moved to next month. We apologize for the inconvenience! 

National Penguin Day (Gay Penguins!)

Representation in the Media

That's so random

This is our MONTHLY open discussion, where every topic is open to discuss!

FOR BI/PAN YOUTH: Let's compliment each other!

Películas, Libros, Videojuegos Y Programas de television

FOR YOUTH OF COLOR: Intentions for the New Year

This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Let’s Get Creative with Picrew!

Piccrew Day/Open Discussion

Storytelling: Finding Queerlot

Join us for a Choose your own Adventure: Journey to Queerlot!

Let's plan the rest of the year

With the first month of the year coming to an end, let's look at how we can make this year a great and exciting new year! 

If there is not a group currently available and you need immediate help, please go to The Trevor Project.

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