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FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Strong asks: Asking for help!

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Monthly New Youth Gathering

Are you new to Q Chat Space? Join our new monthly gathering for new youth to learn more about Q Chat Space, our facilitators, and the youth!

Not new? Don't worry! You can still join us and welcome the newbies.

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Let's talk about substance use!

CANCELLED. Join us for this special conversation with a guest facilitator, Leslie, who works at a non-profit focused on harm reduction and education around the topic. 


Queer Fashion Night! What do you wear that makes you feel euphoric? Do you thrift? Is there a brand that you love? Where do you get your inspiration from? Let's chat about trans and non-binary fashion icons that we look up to! 

Mental health & Dealing with unsupportive friends and family members

Join us to discuss mental health and wellness as well as share our experiences dealing with friends or family who might not be surrportive. Let's share our journeys to give each other advice and tips on how to navigate this important moment in our lives. 

Día Mundial de la Grandeza

FOR ACE/ARO YOUTH: Queer Platonic Relationships

What are Queer Platonic Relationships? How do they differ from Non-platonic relationships? Plus we will make our own contracts/agreements to define QPRs for ourselves.


All things Marvel! We'll be sharing some of the best splash pages, tv fight scenes, comic book stories, and inclusive legacy. Ending with some Marvel trivia on Blooket! #NOSPOILERS

VisionBoard: Back to School

Choose Your Own Adventure Chat

Back to School Chat


FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Being Trans and Non-Binary at School

It's August which means...back to school. Let's talk about being trans and non-binary at school. What are your rights? How do you advocate for yourself? What's a gender support plan? What do you need to feel safe and successful this school year? 

sex and relationships Q&A

Movie, TV, and Music

Have you seen a great movie recently? Binged a show? What is your favorite song of the summer? Join us to discuss all things pop culture including movies, shows, and music! 

FOR YOUTH OF COLOR: Familiars - What creatures guide you?

This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.


Familiars are creatures that guide and support us. Where have we seen familiars in literature, media, and games? We will be using the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck to see what animal spirits we might lean into.

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: The Power of PowerPoints!: Sharing Our Interests

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Dealing with Dysphoria

Let's talk about dysphoria. It happens to many of us. How do you deal? 

De-stress and decompress

Join facilitators in this chat to learn relaxation strategies discuss what brings us joy (and how we can give up the things that no longer bring us joy!)

Game Night, Queer Jeopardy

Do you know LGBTQ trivia? Join us to check your knowledge on several important LGBTQ events, personalities, and milestones throughout history. Test your knowledge on Movies, music, and everything inbetween!

Noche de Juegos por Kahoot

FOR ACE/ARO YOUTH: Voidpunk Fantasy Character Building

Voidpunk is an aesthetic coined by an aromantic tumblr user. 

We will tap into our imaginations to create a voidpunk style world, including a protagonist and an antagonist. Join us IN THE VOID

The Pandemic and Creative Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. For this chat, we will process the ways in which our communities have changed because of the pandemic.  Also exploring which communities we attribute ourselves to through shared identities, interests, or geographic locations. Utilizing Google jamboard, we will produce a poem, freestyle piece of writing, or first-person narrative to reflect those changes. 

Queer Art Appreciation

LGBTQ+ Content Creators

Favorite Youtube Vloggers

If there is not a group currently available and you need immediate help, please go to The Trevor Project.

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