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Less structure, more fun. Come hang out with your Qchat buddies about whatever’s on your mind!

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Loneliness in the LGBTQ+ Community

Let's talk about how loneliness affects LGBTQ+ communities, and how we cope. We will provide support for one another as we think about our experiences.

Asian American & Pacific Islander Appreciation

May 31st: Barson: A chat about metaphorical fire and getting rid of negativity.

Game night

CANCELLED. Only come if you're in the mood for fun! Join Dom and Jack from HLWF for a few fun games!

Q Chatter Chat: Gender Expression

Special chat facilitated by Q Chatters, Q Chat Space's Youth Advisory Panel members!  Chat with Q Chatters Elizabeth, Amari, and Ash about gender expression.

Pride Celebrations Around the Globe

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Create your own Pride Flag!

How do you represent your pride? Who made some of the pride flags? Let's chat about creating a flag that defines you!

FOR BI/PAN YOUTH: Bi+ Pride and Celebrating Safely

Pride Month is here! As the "B" in LGBT+ we often get sidelined during LGBTQ+ events. The latest gallup poll shows that more than half of the LGBTQ+ population is bisexual+.

Join Jess, Program Coordinator at the Bisexual Resource Center, as we create a space safe for all things bi+ pride and how to celebrate and come out safely. 

Con mucho, mucho amor!

Que nos dicen las estrellas?! Vamos a platicar sobre la astrologia y los horoscopos!

Free Chat

Come hang out with friends and the facilitators from the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation in this laid back chat.


This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.

Let's talk about punk music, queer culture, and how (like so many of our most impactful cultural revolutions) POC were at the center of it all.

What’s your sign? Let’s Chat about all things Zodiac


Written in the Stars

What's your sign? Let's explore astrology and go in depth into what is written in the stars

Orgullo y Amor

Junio es el mes de Orgullo! Estaremos tomando este dia para aprender un poco sobre que es Pride y como podemos y debemos celebrar! 

FOR ACE/ARO YOUTH: What Does Pride Mean To You

It’s National Pride Month. Lets talk about the origins of this month and this movement, and how we imagine pride looking in future generation

FOR ACE/ARO YOUTH: Getting to Know You

Another laid back chat, where we all get to know a bit more about each other. A great place to make new friends, or learn about the work that the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation does in Pittsburgh

Icebreakers! Get to know your queer and trans pals!

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Icebreaker Night: Get to know your Trans and Non-Binary Pals

Once a month, we do an icebreaker night. Get to know your trans and non-binary pals who join the Friday chat!

FOR YOUTH OF COLOR: Juneteenth - The (Queer) History

This group is for anyone who identifies as a Person Of Color (POC). We welcome everyone, but if you are not a POC, please consider giving more space to the POC and respect their voices.

Let's talk about Juneteenth, a holiday long celebrated in parts of Black-American culture, which gained growing popularity and awareness in the years since the George Floyed protests. Let's take this time to talk about all of the amazing aspects of Black culture for us to celebrate

SPECIAL CHAT: Queer Storyboard Artist from Pixar

Pixar Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

Chat with a queer storyboard artist from Pixar! Got questions about what it means to be a LGBTQ+ person in the animation industry? This is your chance to ask!

Q Chat Writes: Pride Edition

Intersections - LGBT+, BIPOC, Disabled

We all are made up of several different intersecting identities. In this chat, we’re going to focus on the specific intersections of being  BIPOC, Queer, and Disabled.
Note: If you do not share these identities, you are still welcome to join. Please remember that this chat is created to make room for marginalized voices. Be sure to take space and make space.

Pride: Past and Present

Let's take a look back at some of the first pride celebrations and where we are now!


Always a favorite- let's chat about LGBTQIA+ History. Who helped shape our movement?

SPECIAL CHAT: Ending the Income Inequality Faced by Queer Youth

Join this special chat with Q+ Equality Foundation to talk about income inequality faced by queer youth! 

Q+ Equality Foundation is a non-profit that aims to promote equitable opportunities for queer youth and helping them create fulfilling careers.

Vestimenta en la orientación/expresión de género

Intersections - Privilege, Marginalization, and Oppression

We all are made up of several different intersecting identities. In this chat, we’re going to focus on the specific intersections of holding privilege, being a member of a marginalized group, and being a member of an oppressed class.
Note: While this chat is open to ALL youth, we will be discussing some difficult topics including: Identity, Power, Injustice, Racism, Sexism, Transphobia and Homophobia

LBGTQ Science Fiction and Fantasy

Let's explore identity through queer characters and worlds!

FOR TRANS/NON-BINARY YOUTH: Let's chat about what makes us "us": hobbies, pets, fashion, gender expression, and much more

Rainbow Capitalism: The good, the bad and the ugly!


Let's take about our favorite trans and non-binary musicians. Who do you like to listen to?

The Magic of Disney

From Aladdin to Frozen, Disney has provided us with movies, action figures, princesses and more! Join us for a Disney chat!

Choose Your Character!

Video games have been around for ages, providing us with endless entertainment. Let's talk about video games and share games that you are into!

If there is not a group currently available and you need immediate help, please go to The Trevor Project.

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