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Pride Pals

Join us in finding new friends and connecting with old pals this Pride month. This chat will be full of fun icebreakers and deeper questions to get to know your fellow Qchatters better, and develop friends and community this Pride month! 

Join us:  


Trans/Non-Binary Youth
New Youth

Are you new to Q Chat Space? Join our monthly gathering for new youth to learn more about Q Chat Space, our facilitators, and the youth!

Not new? Don't worry! You can still join us and welcome the newbies.

Language and Linguistics!

Join Jack and Madison from the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation in this chat about words! We'll share fun facts about where words and phrases come from, tell nerdy wordy jokes, and maybe learn a new way to say hey!

Gaymers Chat

Join us for a Gaymers chat!


Trans/Non-Binary Youth

It may be summer time but life can still be stressful. Join us for a summer time vent/dump session. 

Open chat!

Enjoy a chat where you take the reigns! Facilitators will have ice breakers and games available should the conversation slow down.

"Embracing Who You Are: A Journey to Self-Acceptance"

Join us to connect with peers, share your story, and learn how to love yourself just as you are. This discussion is an opportunity to connect with other LGBTQ youth who understand what you're going through. Whether you're just starting to explore your identity or looking for new ways to accept yourself, you'll find support, understanding, and practical advice here.

PARA ESPAÑOL: Solidaridad LGBTQ, Pink Washing (lavado de imagen rosa) y Liberación


La liberación es un movimiento, una ideología y una acción. Sin embargo, la liberación de un solo grupo no nos libera a todos. Únase a nosotros para hablar sobre lo que significa la solidaridad en el contexto de la Liberación Queer y cómo sin ella, nuestra liberación puede contribuir a la opresión de otros, un fenómeno conocido como Pink Washing (literalmente: lavado rosa, rosa-ificar, combinación de las palabras blanquear y rosa).

Nonbinary Awareness

It's Nonbinary Awareness Week! Join today's chat to share and hear about people's gender identity journeys, what it's like to be nonbinary in today's time, and to celebrate the presence of nonbinary folks in our community! 

FOR BI/PAN YOUTH: Hyperfixations: What’s yours?

Bi/Pan Youth

What are hyperfixations? Do you have one and need to infodump? Join us in this chat to define what a hyperfixation is, to talk about the positives and negatives fixations can have on us, and the space to share your own! 


Friends don't let friends do stupid things alone...join us today for another Speed-Friending chat!

Creative Coping Skills: A Few Ways to De-stress!

There are many ways one can cope with stress but what are some creative methods? Join us in this chat to talk about different coping strategies and how creative outlets can help you de-stress. 

Reflecting on Pride 2024

It has been a few weeks since most Pride festivities ended, and is a great time to reflect on Pride 2024 while we look ahead to the queer rest of the year.

If a chat is not currently available and you need to talk to someone now, please reach out to The Trevor Project.